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God's Word is our guide for everything that we do at Magnolia Baptist Church. The Bible is what provides the foundation of all of the Ministries of our fellowship. The culture of our Church is one where you will be embraced & encouraged by a group of people who are on a journey to become more like Christ and committed to work and serve together. Our goal is for you to be loved and valued at all cost no matter where you are on your spiritual growth journey and to join us to do the work of the Ministry that God has called us to. Our statement of faith can be found in the Baptist Faith and Message and can be read here.

Our Church's views can be broken down in just a few quick points:


At Magnolia Baptist Church, we believe that, “Worship is NOT a spectator sport!” This means that everyone has the right and responsibility to Worship the Savior! Our desire is to see every one worship Christ in every area of their lives. We are convinced that Worship is not just about a musical style – it is a part of every portion of our services – from the Welcome through the Music, into the Preaching and even in the Offering! Everything we do should represent the Savior and our Worship of Him.


What do we mean by Belong? Simple – you have a place in our family. Our desire it to do this by providing a real presence in the church and our communities by proclaiming, and living out, the love of God to all people, regardless of who or where they are. Our Pastor challenges us every week to, “Tell someone you know about Jesus.” This provides a great way for our fellowship to be encouraged as we serve each other as we serve Him. In many ways, encouragement is a lost concept in our society today. At Magnolia Baptist Church we desire to create a church of mutual encouragement and accountability that provide worth and value into our fellowship.


 The concept of Growth at Magnolia Baptist is broken into 3 areas:

 1. Evangelism.
Evangelism is intentionally and relationally sharing the gospel with people who need a relationship with Christ. It is our job to tell people that God loves them and that they can have a relationship with Him but only through Jesus death, burial, and resurrection.

Equipping Equipping is the idea of helping believers grow and mature in their faith and giving giving them the tools they need in order to serve Christ as they serve each other – all according to the Word of God.

3. Empowerment
Empowerment is the idea of trusting and releasing the people to do the work of the ministry. We believe for the body of Christ to make an impact on our culture, we must recreate an empowering culture within the church and remind us all of who we are in Christ.